iPhone/iPad application that allows LiDAR-based tree measurement


Our service uses LiDAR on iPhone and iPad to make forest measurement more efficient. The application can be used not only in forests, but also in agriculture, surveying, disaster prevention, construction, and many other fields.

What's new at ForestScanner?
High Accuracy
Diameter at breast height error is within 2cm.(0.07ft)
Coordinate Data
You can get accurate position coordinates to each single tree.
Handy to Carry
Just put your iPhone in your pocket and go to the field!


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How much is this?
You can download it for free from the App Store.
What devices does it support?
LiDAR-equipped iOS devices.

・iPad Pro 2021 / 2020
・iPhone 13Pro / 12Pro

Requires an upgrade to iOS 15.1 or higher.
Does it support areas with understory vegetation?
It works as long as the vegetation is not higher than the height of the diameter you want to measure.
Is there an Android app?
It is under development.

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